CS2 Autoexec Config | How to Create autoexec.cfg

Updated: May 7, 2024
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A CS2 Autoexec is a config file you can use to store custom settings such as buy binds, custom key binds, crosshairs, and other settings. By keeping all of these settings in an autoexec.cfg file, you can easily restore your Counter-Strike 2 settings if you ever play on a different computer or lose access to your settings for any reason.

Keep a copy of your autoexec online so that you have a backup separate from your computer that you can access from anywhere.

How to Create an autoexec.cfg for CS2

To create a CS2 autoexec file, open a text editor (such as Notepad) and write or paste your binds.

Text Editor With CS2 Binds

This file must be saved in your CS2 game’s “cfg” folder. To find the location of this folder, right-click on Counter-Strike 2 in your Steam library and then click “Properties”.

Counter-Strike 2 Steam Properties

In the window that pops up, navigate to “Installed Files”, then click the “Browse” button.

Counter-Strike 2 Steam Browse Files

After you click the browse button, a file explorer will open. Double-click the “game” folder, then the “csgo” folder, and lastly the “cfg” folder. Copy the path of this CS2 cfg folder by clicking on it to highlight the full path and then pressing “CTRL” + “C” simultaneously.

Counter-Strike 2 cfg Folder Path

Now that we have the location of your Counter-Strike 2 cfg folder, go back to your text editor and click “File”, then “Save As”. In the Save As window that pops up, paste the path to your CS2 cfg folder. In the “File name” section, write “autoexec.cfg”. If you’re using Notepad as your text editor, make sure to select “All Files” in the “Save as type” dropdown.

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Save Autoexec File

The final step is to ensure that Counter-Strike 2 executes your autoexec file every time you launch the game. In your Steam library, once again right-click on Counter-Strike 2 and then click “Properties”. On the “General” tab, add “+exec autoexec.cfg” to your launch options.

CS2 Autoexec Launch Options

After you complete the instructions above, the commands in your CS2 autoexec.cfg file will be executed every time you launch Counter-Strike 2.

If your game was already open, you’ll need to relaunch your game or open the CS2 console and enter the command “exec autoexec.cfg”.

What is a CS2 autoexec file?

An autoexec.cfg is a config file that can store Counter-Strike 2 commands. It’s a convenient way to store binds (buy binds, custom binds, etc.), crosshairs, and settings. You can configure your launch options to execute the commands in this file every time you launch CS2.

Advantages of Using a Counter-Strike 2 Autoexec File

Autoexec files have several advantages:

  • If you keep a copy of your autoexec stored online (like in Google Drive), you can easily restore your settings if you have to reinstall CS2, are playing on a different computer, or if your settings are overwritten for any reason.
  • You can easily share your settings with other Counter-Strike 2 players.
  • You can easily copy settings from other players, such as professional CS2 players.
  • You can create custom binds and settings that are unavailable in CS2’s settings UI.