Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Prime Status Explained

Updated: Jun 4, 2024
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This guide explains what CS2 Prime Status is and will help you decide whether you should get it.

What is Prime Status?

CS2 Prime Status gives you access to exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Prime Status lets you play in CS2 Premier matchmaking. Premier has supplanted the standard Competitive mode as the best way to play competitive CS2 without using 3rd-party matchmaking (like FaceIt).

Is CS2 Prime Monthly or a One-Time Purchase?

A CS2 Prime Status Upgrade is a one-time purchase you can make in the Steam store. It is NOT an ongoing monthly subscription.

CS2 Prime Status Upgrade

Is CS2 Prime Worth It?

We think CS2 Prime Status is well worth it for players hoping to play in the most competitive Counter-Strike games while reducing their chances of encountering cheaters.

Prime Status players are matched in games with other Prime players. Players who have spent money on the game are less likely to cheat and generally more cooperative teammates.

If you’re not planning to use a 3rd-party matchmaking service (like FaceIt), we think Prime is a must if you plan to play a decent amount of Counter-Strike. Otherwise, you’re likely to be bombarded by cheaters and experience generally more toxic games in CS2’s free-to-play environment.

Do You Need a Phone Number For CS2 Prime?

Previously, Counter-Strike players needed a phone number to get Prime status. This is no longer required.