How to Use Left Hand in CS2 | Explained

Updated: Apr 27, 2024
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When CS2 first launched, they removed the ability to use the left-handed viewmodel and switch hands. Thankfully, an April 2024 update brought these features back to Counter-Strike.

CS2 Left Hand Viewmodel

You can choose your preferred handedness, left or right, directly in the CS2 settings. To select your preferred handedness (left or right):

  1. Go to your CS2 Settings
  2. In your settings, click the “Game” tab.
  3. Under the “Game” tab, click the “Item” tab.
  4. Use the dropdown to choose either “Right” or “Left” for the “Preferred Viewmodel Left/Right Handedness” setting.

CS2 Choose Preferred Viewmodel Handedness (Right or Left)

How to Switch Hands in CS2

You can switch between holding your weapon in your right or left hand by pressing the “H” key on your keyboard (the default key bind).

To change the key bind from “H” to a different key:

  1. Go to your CS2 settings.
  2. In your settings, click the “Keyboard/Mouse” tab.
  3. Under the “Keyboard/Mouse” tab, click the “Weapon Keys” tab.
  4. Click on the setting “Switch Viewmodel Left/Right Hand” and then press the key on your keyboard or mouse that you want to bind to this command.

CS2 Switch Viewmodel Left_Right Hand Key Bind Settingcl_righthand 0 Command

In CS:GO and earlier Counter-Strike games, you could use the console to enter the command cl_righthand 0 to switch to the left-hand viewmodel and cl_righthand 1 to switch back to the right-hand viewmodel. Many players created a key bind that let them switch hands with the command bind h “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”.

While the CS2 settings now let you change hands, this old command does not appear to work in CS2. If you enter it into the console, you’ll get the response “Unknown command: cl_righthand”.

Why Players Want to Use Left Hand in CS2

The option to choose between a right and left-hand viewmodel in CS2 offers advantages.

Many left-handed FPS players simply prefer to use a left-hand viewmodel because it looks more natural to them.

A lot of FPS players think a left-handed viewmodel is better for players who are left eye dominant. Paradoxically, other FPS players think a left-handed viewmodel is better for right eye dominant players because it blocks less of the field of view for their dominant eye. Regardless of which of these is correct, having the option to choose helps players feel more comfortable and possibly gain an advantage.

Switching the handedness of your viewmodel can free up more field of view on whichever side of your screen is more important at a given moment. For example, if you are tight against a wall on the left, you can hold your weapon in your left hand to see more on the right of your screen (where enemy players could be).