Overwatch 2 Ranks | SR, Tiers, Divisions, & Competitive Points Explained

Updated: May 16, 2024
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This guide explains everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 rank system.

Overwatch Ranks

Here are all Overwatch 2 ranks (Skill Tiers) in order from lowest to highest:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Champion

Regardless of their rank, the 500 highest-rated players in each region will also be on the Top 500 leaderboard.


Every rank tier has five divisions. Division 5 is the lowest and division 1 is the highest. For example, a Gold division 2 player is ranked higher than a Gold division 3 player.

Overwatch 2’s New Rank – Champion

In February 2024, Blizzard added the new rank “Champion” to the Overwatch 2 rank system. The Champion rank goes beyond Grandmaster to be the new highest OW2 rank.

Competitive Play Modes

Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Modes Role Queue and Open Queue

There are Competitive Play modes in Overwatch 2:

Role Queue

In Role Queue, you select a role or multiple roles that you’re willing to play among Tank, Damage, and Support. When the game starts, you’ll be assigned to play the role (or one of the roles) you selected to queue for. During that game, you can only play heroes in your role.

Teams consist of 1 Tank, 2 Damage, and 2 Support heroes.

Each role in Role Queue has a separate rank.  You can be in the Master rank as a Support and the Gold in Damage. Wins and losses only affect your rank for the role you’re playing.

New players must complete 10 placement games per role to be ranked for that role. This means you must complete 10 games as each a Tank, Damage, and Support if you want a rank for every role.

Role Queue is far more popular than Open Queue.

Open Queue

In Open Queue, all 5 players on the team are free to play any of the Overwatch 2 heroes. There are no role restrictions like there are in Role Queue.

Competitive play in Overwatch 1 worked like this, with the exception of there being 6 players per team.

Let’s just say there’s a reason they created Role Queue!

Your Open Queue rank does NOT affect your Role Queue ranks and vice versa.

Competitive Play Requirements

You must win 50 games in Unranked (previously known as Quickplay) to unlock Competitive play. However, if you played Competitive in Overwatch 1, you can avoid this by linking your Blizzard account to your OW2 game.


Unlock Competitive Play In Overwatch 2 Challenge

You can track your progress towards unlocking Competitive by going to your Challenges (located in the main menu).

Technically, you can complete this requirement in 50 games if you win every Unranked game you play. However, if your win percentage is 50% or lower, you’ll be playing 100+ games.

What is SR?

SR is short for “Skill Rating”. Before the overhaul of Overwatch 2’s rank system, Skill Rating was the numerical value used to determine ranks in Overwatch.

While SR is technically no longer used, many players still use the term when talking about ranks or rank percentages.

Rank Progress & Rank Modifiers

Overwatch 2 Rank Progress Information

In Overwatch 2, your rank progress updates after every win or loss. Draws do not affect your rank.

After a win or loss, you can see the percentage increase or decrease toward the next division or rank.

Changes in Overwatch 2 Season 9 introduced the following Rank Modifiers:

  • Win Streak – Bonus for high win rate.
  • Loss Streak – Penalty for high loss rate.
  • Consolation – You weren’t favored and you lost.
  • Reversal – You were favored but you lost.
  • Uphill Battle – You weren’t favored but you won.
  • Expected – You were favored and you won.
  • Calibration – Your rank is uncertain.
  • Demotion – You lost a match while in demotion protection.
  • Demotion Protection – If you lose again you will rank down.
  • Wide – Your group is wide so you gained or lost less rank.

Rank modifiers change the amount of rank progress you gain or lose.

Competitive Points

Overwatch 2 Competitive Points

You earn 10 Competitive Points for every win and 5 Competitive Points for every draw. Competitive points can be used to buy Jade and Gold weapon variants.

Both Jade and Gold weapon variants cost 3,000 Competitive Points.

Kiriko Gold Weapon Variant in Overwatch 2