How to Unlock Sojourn in Overwatch 2 | Complete Guide

Updated: Apr 14, 2024
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Soujourn has a lot going for her. Power Slide allows her to make aggressive plays and get out of tricky situations, her Railgun does massive damage when charged, and Disruptor Shot is a great way to control space.

However, before you can play this DPS hero, you first need to complete hero challenges to unlock her. This guide explains exactly how to do that!

How to Unlock Sojourn in Overwatch 2

You must activate Soujourn’s hero challenges and then complete the challenges to unlock her in Overwatch 2.

To activate her hero challenges:

  1. On the main screen of Overwatch 2, click “Heroes”.
  2. On the “Heroes” page, click the icon of Soujourn.
  3. On the right side of Soujourn’s page, click “Challenges”.Hero Information, Challenges, and Progression Buttons
  4. On her “Challenges” page, click the “Activate Challenges” button in the bottom right.Overwatch 2 Activate Challenges

The next section explains how to complete each of these active unlock challenges.

Soujourn Unlock Challenges

Here are the challenges you have to complete to unlock Soujourn:

  • Wins for Sojourn: “Win 10 games queued as All Roles or Damage Heroes in Quick Play, No Limits or Competitive Play.”
  • Practice Railgun Primary Fire: “Eliminate 3 bots with Railgun’s primary fire in the Practice Range as Soujourn.” Kill 3 enemy bots with primary fire (Left-click on PC).
  • Practice Railgun Secondary Fire: “Eliminate 2 bots with Railgun’s secondary fire in the Practice Range as Soujourn.” Kill 2 enemy bots with secondary fire (Right-click on PC).
  • Practice Power Slide: “Deal weapon damage during Power Slide in the Practice Range as Soujourn.” Use the Power Slide ability (the default key bind is Left-Shift) and shoot a bot mid-slide.
  • Practice Disruptor Shot: “Damage 2 bots with a single use of Disruptor Shot in the Practice Range as Soujourn.” Shoot your Disruptor Shot (E key by default on PC) and damage 2 enemy bots simultaneously. This is most easily done in the parts of the Practice Range where two bots stand next to each other against a wall.
  • Practice Overclock: “Eliminate 3 bots with Overclock in the Practice Range as Soujourn.” Get Sojourn’s Ultimate Ability Overclock by damaging enemy bots or using an Ultimate Accelerator (pictured below). Once you’ve got your Ultimate, use it to kill 3 enemy bots.Overwatch Practice Range Ultimate Accelerator

As you complete the challenges, you’ll see a notification in the bottom-left chat box. You can check your progress by pressing the Escape (ESC) key on your keyboard, clicking “Challenges”, clicking “the “Hero” tab, and lastly, clicking on Soujourn.

Upon completing the above, Soujourn will be unlocked for Competitive and Unranked games.

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