How to Check Valorant Hours (Explained)

Updated: May 2, 2024
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Have you been wondering how many hours you’ve spent playing Valorant? This guide explains how to check your Valorant hours.

No Built-in Feature in Valorant or Riot Client

Unlike other gaming platforms, like Steam, there’s no built-in feature to check how many hours you’ve played in Valorant or the Riot Client.

Instead, you’ll need to use 3rd-party trackers.

Using Tracker Network ( to Check Valorant Hours hosts the most popular Valorant tracker. They monitor Valorant games so players can look up detailed stats on individual players and get insights on the meta through aggregated stats.

You can also use their Valorant tracker to check how many hours you’ve played Valorant by following these steps:

  1. Go to’s Valorant tracker here.
  2. Find your profile page by entering your Riot ID into the search bar.Tracker Network ( Valorant Search
  3. Once on your profile, click the “All Acts” button and select a game mode such as “Competitive”.

Following these steps, you’ll see how many hours you’ve spent in competitive Valorant games. You can click the buttons for other game modes to see your hours in those, then add all of them up to find the total time you’ve spent playing in Valorant games.

Tracker Network ( Check Valorant Hours

Caveats To Using 3rd-Party Trackers

While 3rd-party trackers, such as, are the best way to check Valorant hours, we should note a few things. does a fantastic job of tracking games, but as a 3rd-party unaffiliated with Riot Games or Valorant, there’s a chance they could be missing some games.

Additionally, trackers only track how much time you spend in matches or other game modes. Unlike with Steam games, you won’t be able to see how many hours your Valorant game has been open on your computer. In other words, using trackers to check how many hours you’ve played Valorant won’t include how much time you’ve spent waiting in the queue or practicing.


3rd-party trackers, like, are the best way to check how many hours you have on Valorant. While it’s not a perfect solution, like other games and platforms with built-in ways to track hours, using a tracker is the best way to get a good estimate of how much time you have spent playing Valorant.