How to Uncensor Valorant Chat (Turn Off Profanity Filter)

Updated: Apr 2, 2024
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You’ve probably noticed that profanity and other explicit language are censored in Valorant text chat. Riot Games tries to make text chat more family-friendly by default, but you can turn off this explicit language filter if you’d like to see everything.

How to Uncensor Valorant Chat

To uncensor your Valorant chat (turn off profanity filters):

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Click on the “Controls” tab.
  3. Under the “Control tab”, click “Communication”.
  4. Toggle the “Explicit Language Filter” to “Off”. This setting can be found under the “Text Chat” heading.

Valorant Turn Off Explicit Language Filter

After following these steps, you should now see all words come through in text chat.

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Valorant Explicit Language Filter

As mentioned above, with Valorant’s Explicit Language Filter turned on, it will hide most common profane and inappropriate words from text chat and whispers.

If additional words you don’t want to see aren’t hidden in text chat, you can add these to your “Muted Words List”.

Muted Words List

You can find the “Muted Words Lists” setting by going to your Valorant Settings > Controls > Communications. Here, you’ll see the setting under the “Text Chat” heading.

To add a word you want hidden in text chat, click the box next to “Muted Words List. Next, type the word or phrase you want to hide and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Words added to this list should no longer appear in text chat. This filter is case-insensitive, so if you add “meanie pants” to your Muted Words List, “Meanie Pants” will also be hidden.

Valorant Muted Word List


This guide covers something for everybody. If you want to see everything written, you now know how to uncensor chat in Valorant. Those on the opposite side now know how to censor additional words if the default filters aren’t blocking everything you want to hide.

While you have the option to read everything written in chat, that doesn’t mean that inappropriate things aren’t against Valorant’s voice and text chat rules. We recommend only using voice chat to converse and be polite to other players.

Valorant is a more pleasant place to be when players drop “GG” and “NT” in chat rather than f-bombs.