What Platforms is Valorant Available On?

Updated: Mar 26, 2024
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Riot’s competitive first-person shooter, Valorant, has taken the eSports world by storm. Its emphasis on strategy and precision has captivated players globally, leading it to become one of the largest eSports.

In this article, we’ll examine the platforms supporting Valorant and explore Riot Games’ strategic choices for its availability. We also look ahead to what the future holds for this beloved game across different platforms.

What Platforms Is Valorant Available On?

Valorant has been exclusive to Windows since its June 2, 2020 release. This decision stems from Riot Games’ commitment to providing a controlled, optimal gaming environment. Focusing on PC allows the developers to ensure consistent performance and competitive integrity, which is crucial in the eSports realm.

Valorant is Windows Only

Valorant is unavailable on macOS or Linux and is exclusive to Windows through the Riot Client. This exclusivity is due primarily to its anti-cheat software, Vanguard. Vanguard requires deep system access to effectively monitor for cheats, a feat more feasible on Windows. Riot Games prioritizes a secure, fair, competitive environment, even if it limits the game’s platform availability.

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Riot Client

While the creators of other popular games, such as Overwatch and Apex Legends, have added their games to Steam, Riot Games has held strong.

Valorant is only available via the Riot Client. The game is not available on Steam or other video game distribution platforms.

Valorant Mobile

Riot Games has confirmed that a mobile version of Valorant is in development. This version will not be a direct port of the PC game but a separate entity.

Beta testing for the mobile version has already begun in China.

Along with most of the Valorant community, we assume the mobile game won’t support cross-platform play with Windows.

Valorant’s decision to branch into the mobile gaming space should help broaden the brand’s appeal and reach.

Will Valorant Ever Come to Console?

As it stands, Riot Games has not announced plans for a console version of Valorant. However, speculation and rumors persist within the gaming community.

Without official confirmation, the possibility of Valorant on consoles remains speculative. A console expansion could significantly widen the game’s audience and its eSports impact.


If you want to play Valorant, your only option at the moment is to play the game through Riot Game’s Client on a Windows PC.