How to Change Crosshair in Valorant

Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Along with having good Valorant sensitivity, using a crosshair that appeals to you is one of the easiest ways to raise your performance and improve your experience playing the game.

This guide explains how to change your crosshair in Valorant.

Note: Check out our Valorant Crosshair Database and Crosshair Generator.

How to Change Crosshair in Valorant

To change your Valorant crosshair:

Open your settings by pressing the escape key (ESC) on your keyboard and then clicking “Settings” in the popup.

Valorant Settings Popup to Access Settings

In your settings, click the “Crosshair” tab at the top.

Valorant Crosshair Settings

Here you can edit all of your crosshair settings, including your “General”, “Primary”, “Aim Down Sights”, and “Sniper Scope” settings.

To change the color of your primary crosshair, click the “Primary” tab in your “Crosshair” settings, then select a color from the dropdown next to “Crosshair Color”. Valorant lets you choose between several recommended colors or use a custom color. If you select “Custom”, you can enter any HEX color code to change your Valorant crosshair to any custom color.

Valorant Crosshair Color Changed to Red

You can enable a center dot by toggling “Center Dot” to “On”. You can also change the size and opacity of the dot.

Valorant crosshairs consist of inner and outer lines. You can enable or disable each of these individually. You can also adjust the opacity, length, thickness, offset, movement error, and firing error of both inner and outer lines.

Valorant Crosshair Settings Explained

Now that you know the basics of how to change your crosshair in Valorant, let’s cover all the settings and options.

Crosshair settings are broken into four tabs: “General”, “Primary”, “Aim Down Sights”, and “Sniper Scope”.

General Crosshair Settings

  • Turing Use Advanced Options on lets you edit “Aim Down Sights” and “Sniper Scope” settings.
  • With Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair on, you’ll see the crosshair of the player you’re spectating. With this off, you’ll see your own crosshair when spectating.
  • Fade Crosshair With Firing Error will fade the top line of your crosshair when the spray of your weapon is off.
  • Disable Crosshair turns your crosshair off.

Primary Crosshair Settings

  • Crosshair
    • Crosshair Color lets you change the color of your crosshair between several default options or any custom color by using a custom color code.
    • Enabling Outlines will draw a black outline around the lines (inner and outer) and center dot of your crosshair.
    • Outline Opacity can be used to reduce or increase the opacity of outlines.
    • Center Dot can be enabled or disabled. While it appears as a dot at smaller sizes, you’ll notice with larger dots that it’s actually a square.
    • Center Dot Opacity adjusts the opacity of the dot.
    • Center Dot Thickness changes the size of the center dot.
    • Override All Primary Crosshair With My Primary Crosshair replaces default crosshairs with your primary crosshair. For example, it uses your primary crosshair rather than the default shotgun reticles for shotguns.
  • Inner Lines
    • Show Inner Lines determines whether the inner lines of your crosshair will be shown.
    • Inner Line Opacity can be used to adjust the opacity of the inner lines.
    • Inner Line Length changes how long your inner lines are. You can press the link icon to unlink the length of your upper and lower inner lines to have upper and lower inner lines of different lengths.
    • Inner Line Thickness adjusts the thickness of the inner lines.
    • Inner Line Offset changes how far apart your inner lines are. In other words, it can be used to increase or decrease the gap between your inner lines.
    • With Movement Error turned on for inner lines, your inner lines will spread apart when your movement speed causes a loss in weapon accuracy.
    • Movement Error Multiplier for inner lines changes how far your inner lines spread apart when your movement speed causes a loss in weapon accuracy.
    • If Firing Error is on for your inner lines, your inner lines will spread apart when your firing rate/spray causes a loss in weapon accuracy.
    • Firing Error Multiplier for inner lines adjusts how far apart your inner lines spread apart when your firing rate/spray causes a loss in weapon accuracy.
  • Outer Lines
    • The Outer Lines settings work the same way as the inner lines settings, except they affect the outer line of your crosshair.

Aim Down Sights

If you’ve turned on Use Advanced Options on the “General” tab, you’ll see the “Aim Down Sights” tab.

By default, “Copy Primary Crosshair” is turned on. This uses your primary crosshair when aiming down sights. However, if you turn this off, you can create a crosshair specifically for aiming down the sights of your weapons (for weapons where that’s possible).

The rest of the “Aim Down Sights” settings work the same way as the “Primary” settings with corresponding names.

Sniper Scope

With Use Advanced Options turned on, you can edit the dot for sniper rifles. You can change its color, opacity, and thickness or disable the dot entirely.

Importing and Exporting Crosshairs

As we mentioned in our “How to Import a Crosshair in Valorant” guide, one feature that sets Valorant apart from other competitive games is the ability to import and export crosshair profiles. This feature lets you import a crosshair code from a Valorant crosshair database to copy Valorant Pros’ crosshairs or use a popular meme crosshair.

To import a crosshair, click the “Import Profile Code” icon (shown in the image below), then paste in a crosshair code by pressing “CTRL” + “V” on your keyboard, and finally press the “Import” Button.

Valorant Import Crosshair Profile Code Button

The crosshair profile you imported will now be saved in your crosshair settings. The image below shows a dot crosshair we imported with the crosshair code: 0;P;c;5;h;0;f;0;0l;2;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0

Note: You can only save 15 crosshair profiles.

Dot Crosshair In Valorant Crosshair Settings

You can also export your crosshair profiles by clicking on the “Export Profile Code” icon shown below:

Valorant Export Crosshair Button


Having read this guide, you now know how to change your crosshair in Valorant and what each setting does.

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