Valorant Crosshair Generator


Crosshair Color
Outline Opacity
Outline Thickness
Center Dot
Center Dot Opacity
Center Dot Thickness
Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair Offset
Override All Primary Crosshairs With My Primary Crosshair


Show Inner Lines
Inner Line Opacity
Inner Line Length
Inner Line Thickness
Inner Line Offset
Movement Error
Movement Error Multiplier
Firing Error
Firing Error Multiplier


Show Outer Lines
Outer Line Opacity
Outer Line Length
Outer Line Thickness
Outer Line Offset
Movement Error
Movement Error Multiplier
Firing Error
Firing Error Multiplier

About This Valorant Crosshair Generator

You can use our Valorant Crosshair Generator to create, view, share, copy, and import Valorant crosshairs.

Note: Check out our Valorant Crosshair Database. It contains the crosshair codes for:

  • Valorant Pros
  • Dots
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Funny & Meme Crosshairs
  • Crosses
  • And More!

Creating Crosshairs

The crosshair builder works similarly to the crosshair settings in Valorant but also has some improvements. For example, if you click on a color square for settings like "Crosshair Color", you can easily select any custom color in the color picker.

Like in the game, you need to toggle "Use Advanced Options" to "On" from the "General" tab to be able to create a custom Aim Down Sights and Sniper Scope crosshair.

You can learn more about what each setting does here.

Copying Crosshair Codes to Import Into Valorant

The "Copy" button will copy the code for the crosshair you're viewing in the generator. You can then import this crosshair code in Valorant.

Importing Crosshairs Into the Builder

You can import crosshairs into the builder by pressing the "Import" button and then pasting your crosshair code into the popup. After you've imported it, you can view and edit it in our builder.

Sharing Crosshairs

You can share crosshairs with friends using the "Share" button.

The share button will copy a link to the crosshair you're viewing in our Valorant crosshair builder that you can send to friends, post on social media, etc.