Mouse Test | Check Mouse Buttons & Scroll

Our free mouse test lets you check that all of your mouse buttons are working properly. When you press a button on your mouse while on this page, that button will light up on the mouse graphic.

You can also test that your mouse scroll wheel is scrolling correctly. When scrolling, an arrow will light up, pointing in the direction you're scrolling (up or down).

When holding down a button on your mouse or actively scrolling, the graphic will light up with a darker color. Once that action is complete, that section of the graphic will stay a lighter color to indicate that the button has been tested.

How to Use Our Mouse Tester

  1. Click each button you want to test on your mouse one by one. They should light up while pressed, then change to a lighter shade when released.
  2. Scroll up and then down to ensure your mouse scroll wheel works properly. While scrolling, you should see an arrow pointing in the direction you are scrolling (up or down) light up. After scrolling has stops, the arrow will remain but be a lighter shade.