Venture Counters in Overwatch 2 | Best Picks Explained

Updated: Apr 18, 2024
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If Venture is wreaking havoc in your Overwatch 2 games, don’t worry! This guide covers the best Venture counter picks and explains what Hero abilities do well against them.

Venture Counters

Here are the best Venture counters:


We can more or less start any list of Overwatch 2 Hero counters with Sombra, and Venture is no exception.

Like most hacked Heroes, a hacked Venture can be an easy kill when focused by your team. Even without a team's focus, Sombra herself can damage Venture while being out of the range of Venture's SMART Excavator (primary fire).

Finally, if Venture does manage to close the distance on you playing Sombra, you can Translocate to get away.


When Echo is flying near peak height, she's out of the range of Venture's primary fire. This requires Venture to use at least one ability to even get close enough to Echo to damage her. If a Venture player decides to use abilities to close the distance on a flying Echo, they're at a greater risk of not getting back to safety.


Pharah primarily counters Venture the same way as Echo, with her ability to fly. Additionally, Pharah's Concussive Blast ability is incredibly helpful for knocking enemy Ventures away from yourself or teammates. A well-timed Concussive Blast can easily save your or a teammates life.


Lúcio's speed and Wall Ride ability make him a very difficult target for enemy Ventures to hit combos on.

Venture players will usually use Burrow to close the distance to your team. When you see Venture coming at your team as Lúcio, you can switch your Crossfade to amplify speed to help your allies get away from Venture.

Beyond speed, Lúcio's Soundwave ability is incredibly useful to knock Venture away from yourself and allies.


All tanks with shields can block Venture's Ultimate Tectonic Shock. Winton's dome shield is particularly effective at this. Even if the Ulting enemy Venture is close to your team, you and your teammates can bounce between in and out of the dome (the opposite of where Venture is) to avoid the massive Tectonic Shock damage.

Winston's mobility also allows him to escape Venture when he needs to.

Additional Venture Counters

For the Damage role, mobile Heroes who can do high damage at range are excellent Venture counters. Echo and Pharah are some of our favorites, thanks to their ability to fly. However, long-range Damage Heroes like Sojourn and Soldier: 76 can be very effective if you can keep away from the Burrowing enemy.

Knock-back abilities send Venture out of close range where they can do the most damage. Lúcio, Pharah, and Brigitte are all examples of Heroes with such an ability.

Lastly, any Hero with a shield can block Venture’s Ultimate Tectonic Shock. Winston, Ramattra, and Reinhardt are a few of the obvious choices.