Real Name: Sloane Cameron
Age: 26
Birthday: August 6th
From: CanadaCanada
Health: 250

Venture Abilities

Venture SMART Excavator ability

SMART Excavator

Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.

Venture Drill Dash ability

Drill Dash

Dash forward, pushing enemies back. Can be used underground with reduced cooldown.

Venture Burrow ability


Move underground and become invulnerable. Press or hold LSHIFT to emerge and damage enemies.

Venture Tectonic Shock ability

Tectonic Shock

Send out damaging shockwaves.

Venture Difficulty - Hard

Relative to all Overwatch 2 heroes, Venture is Hard to be effective with.

Venture can be an extremely powerful hero, but you must carefully manage your ability usage when playing them.

Suppose you don't pull off combos to eliminate enemies quickly or use too many abilities too fast. In that case, you can find yourself extraordinarily vulnerable and far away from any Supports that can help.

Venture also must be at close range to deal damage. It can be challenging to know when to attack and when to wait. Going in at the wrong times can make you an easy kill, but being too passive can lead to little overall damage output because Venture has no poke damage.

Venture Tier Rating - B-tier

We rate Venture as a B-tier Damage hero in the current Overwatch 2 meta (among possible tiers of S, A, B, C, and D).

Venture's abilities can be combined to quickly delete enemies. Still, we've relegated them to a B-tier hero because they must be close to enemies to deal damage, work better with specific team compositions, and are best on certain maps.

Venture must be close to enemies to damage them with SMART Excavator (primary-fire) or abilities. Venture's primary method of getting close to enemies is the Burrow ability, but mobile heroes can use their own abilities to get away from the Burrowing venture while they're underground. Flying heroes, like Echo and Pharah, are particularly tough for Venture to get close enough to be effective. When they're near peak height, Venture will have to use at least one ability to even get close enough to them to deal damage.

Venture is best on brawly teams playing on tighter maps with strong chokepoints. In scenarios like this, Venture can be incredibly strong. However, on more open maps, Venture can struggle to be effective. They have no poke damage at longer distances, meaning they can't do anything useful when not in close combat. Mobile heroes will also find it easier to escape the effective range of Venture when Venture Burrows towards them on open maps.

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Venture Counters

Here are the Overwatch 2 Heroes that counter Venture:



We can more or less start any list of Overwatch 2 Hero counters with Sombra, and Venture is no exception.

Like most hacked Heroes, a hacked Venture can be an easy kill when focused by your team. Even without a team's focus, Sombra herself can damage Venture while being out of the range of Venture's SMART Excavator (primary fire).

Finally, if Venture does manage to close the distance on you playing Sombra, you can Translocate to get away.



When Echo is flying near peak height, she's out of the range of Venture's primary fire. This requires Venture to use at least one ability to even get close enough to Echo to damage her. If a Venture player decides to use abilities to close the distance on a flying Echo, they're at a greater risk of not getting back to safety.



Pharah primarily counters Venture the same way as Echo, with her ability to fly. Additionally, Pharah's Concussive Blast ability is incredibly helpful for knocking enemy Ventures away from yourself or teammates. A well-timed Concussive Blast can easily save your or a teammates life.



Lúcio's speed and Wall Ride ability make him a very difficult target for enemy Ventures to hit combos on.

Venture players will usually use Burrow to close the distance to your team. When you see Venture coming at your team as Lúcio, you can switch your Crossfade to amplify speed to help your allies get away from Venture.

Beyond speed, Lúcio's Soundwave ability is incredibly useful to knock Venture away from yourself and allies.



All tanks with shields can block Venture's Ultimate Tectonic Shock. Winton's dome shield is particularly effective at this. Even if the Ulting enemy Venture is close to your team, you and your teammates can bounce between in and out of the dome (the opposite of where Venture is) to avoid the massive Tectonic Shock damage.

Winston's mobility also allows him to escape Venture when he needs to.

Venture FAQ

The following FAQ answers the most common questions about Venture:

What is Venture's Real Name?

Venture's real name is Sloane Cameron

How Old is Venture?

Venture is 26 years old.

When was Venture born?

Venture's birthday is on August 6th.

Where is Venture from?

Venture is from Canada.