Overwatch 2 Tier List | Season 10 Hero Ranks

With Season 10 underway, we've updated our Overwatch 2 Tier List to include the newest Hero Venture and account for all the other character changes.

Our Overwatch tier list rates every Hero from S-tier (highest) to D-tier (lowest). Below the tier list, we cover our general thoughts for each role and explain our ratings for all Overwatch 2 Heroes.

Overwatch 2 Tier List

Junker Queen
Soldier: 76
Wrecking Ball

Meta Overview

Below, we cover our general thoughts on the current Overwatch 2 meta for every role. After that, we explain our tier ratings for every character.


There are a lot of strong tanks in the current meta, but we'd completely avoid Reinhardt. Roadhog and Zarya are also probably avoids if you want the best shot at winning.

When the situation calls for dive, Winston and D.Va remain strong picks. If you have the skills, Doomfist can be the best Tank in the game. Finally, we expect Wrecking Ball to see increased play after his recent buffs.

If not playing Dive, Orisa is the meta Tank unless you want a barrier for longer-range situations. Sigma is our favorite barrier-providing Tank.


Tracer and Sombra are extremely strong dive DPS, though they can both be played with nearly any team composition. Sojourn is our top choice at mid to long ranges, followed by Cassidy. Lastly, Echo is another excellent alternative to slot into the Damage role.

While this list is mainly focused on higher ranks and Professional play, we'll note that Solider: 76 is often easier to play and fills a similar role as Sojourn and Cassidy.

Beyond these Heroes, there's a ton of solid niche picks. We're currently including the newest DPS Venture among the good situational picks in B-Tier.


Lúcio will almost always be S-tier, thanks to his unique speed-providing ability. Kiriko and Moira join him in S-tier, while every Support is B-tier or worse.

Overwatch 2 Tier Ratings Explained

Use the links below to see the explanation of any hero's rating:

Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List

S-Tier Heroes

Sojourn (S-Tier Damage)

Sojourn has been the most popular mid- to long-range Damage Hero in Professional and high-ranked Overwatch 2 play. Her Railgun's primary fire allows for consistent damage output, and her charged secondary fire does a ton of burst damage. In a sense, her rifle is like a combination of Soldier: 76 and Cassidy's weapons, offering the best of both worlds.

Beyond this, Sojourns Power Slide to high jump is effective for engaging and disengaging. Her Disruptor Shot can do poke damage, delay enemies, and help control space.

While Sojourn is a great pick, many lower-ranked players will find Solider: 76 fills a similar role and is easier to play.

Sombra (S-Tier Damage)

Whenever we discuss counters for Overwatch 2 Heroes, Sombra is essentially always on the list (often first). Her Hack prevents hacked enemies from using their abilities, usually leaving them as easy targets for her and her team.

Sombra is a nightmare for nearly any Hero caught alone. She can sneak up on them in Stealth mode, infect them with Virus, and often finish them off with her Machine Pistol. Without great reactions and/or excellent aim, many Heroes are screwed against this combo if their team doesn't peel for them. When things don't go Sombra's way, she has her Translocator to teleport away from enemies safely.

Sombra is most often used as a dive hero, but she's also useful for playing more passively and hacking diving enemies. She's a great pick against most team compositions and fits well with most team compositions.

Tracer (S-Tier Damage)

Tracer has mostly been an S-tier pick throughout Overwatch's existence. Despite a slight nerfs at the start of Season 10, she's still incredibly strong.

Her mobility is unmatched in the Damage role. She's good whether your team plays a dive team composition or she's getting into backlines by herself.

Kiriko (S-Tier Support)

Kiriko is S-tier across all ranks of Overwatch 2. Even without the aim to be effective with her Kunai, you can still do massive healing with her Healing Ofuda.

Protection Suzu is also one of the strongest abilities in the game. Its brief invulnerability and cleansing effects can (at least temporarily) shut down nearly every Ultimate in the game.

Kiriko is also one of the easiest Supports to stay alive as, thanks to her Suzu and Swift Step. If you're close to dying, you can Suzu yourself and/or teleport away to a teammate.

Lúcio (S-Tier Support)

As long as Lúcio remains the only Hero who can constantly boost speed, he'll likely be an S-tier pick. Beyond speed, Lúcio's Sound Barrier is the best defensive Ultimate in the game.

Moira (S-Tier Support)

Moira is an absolute stat monster for both healing and damage. Her Biotic Orb remains the strongest AoE (Area of Effect) heal in the game.

Moira also has a solid chance to 1v1 any Hero in the game, as Biotic Grasp heals her as she damages enemies.

A-Tier Heroes

Doomfist (A-Tier Tank)

A skilled Doomfist is an A-tier or even S-tier tank pick. The best Doom players can dominate and singlehandedly take over games in the Tank role.

However, it's very difficult to play Doom effectively. If you cannot get eliminations, stay alive, and be a nuisance as Doomfist, your team will likely struggle. His abilities and play style offer very little protection and help to your squishier teammates. At lower ranks, especially, if you're not able to carry a game as Doom, he's likely a bad pick.

D.Va (A-Tier Tank)

D.Va definitely isn't a must-pick in the current OW2 meta, but she's a very solid dive Tank when the situation calls for it. We also think she has the highest skill floor among this group of tanks, though not the highest ceiling.

Junker Queen (A-Tier Tank)

Junker Queen is a great Tank, especially when your team plays a brawl style. Her Scattergun and Carnage ability can do massive damage at short to medium range, and her Jagged Blade can pull enemies out of position for an easy kill.

Playing as Junker Queen, you'll also help your teammates with her Commanding Shout that heals allies and increases their speed.

Overall, this Tank is one of the many great options in the current meta.

Sigma (A-Tier Tank)

Your team will often find it useful to have a barrier to deal poke damage while not being damaged by the enemy. Sigma has emerged as the top choice to fill this niche Tank role.

Compared to Reinhardt, Sigma can deal damage with the barrier up (and is generally a much better Hero).

Ramattra is more of a challenger to Sigma in terms of playability, but Sigma's Barrier, which exists until destroyed by enemies (or Sigma himself), gives it a slight boost compared to Ramattra's temporary barrier.

Our only knock against Sigma is that he can't deal damage with his Hyperspheres at longer ranges. Still, his usage and effectiveness in Professional and high-ranked Overwatch show he's the favorite Tank with a barrier among the best OW2 players.

Winston (A-Tier Tank)

In professional Overwatch 2 and many high-ranked games, Winston seems to be the go-to Tank pick when the team decides to run dive. With Season 10 starting, we're closely monitoring tank pick rates and win rates following recent buffs to Wrecking Ball and Doomfist. If the buffed Tanks outperform Winston, we still think he'll be a solid B-tier option.

Wrecking Ball (A-Tier Tank)

At the start of Season 10 of Overwatch 2, Wrecking Ball got buffs to his Grappling Claw, Adaptive Shield, and Minefield abilities. The most significant change is that he can now redistribute his overhealth from Adaptive Shield to nearby allies. We'll have to see how things go in the near future, but so far, we think this bumps him to at least an A-tier Tank.

Cassidy (A-Tier Damage)

Cassidy's ability to two-shot headshot most Supports and Damage Heroes makes him a lethal pick for Overwatch 2 players with elite aim. The hindering effect of his Magnetic Grenade can also be an incredible counter against more mobile Heroes.

Combat Roll also helps you to stay alive against dive Heroes. The reduced damage taken during it can even allow you to survive Tracer's Pulse Bomb.

If you don't have the aiming skills for Cassidy, Sojourn and Soldier: 76 can be easier Heroes to output consistent damage with from mid to long range.

Echo (A-Tier Damage)

Echo's Sticky Bombs, Tri-Shot primary fire, and Focusing Beam can be used to burst down most other Overwatch 2 Heroes quickly. Her ability to fly is also a massive counter to Venture (and other Heroes who need to be close to deal significant damage), and we expect Venture to continue to have a high pick rate as the newest Damage character in Competitive matchmaking.

Lastly, Echo's Ultimate Duplicate is incredibly strong and is a fantastic tool for extending fights.

Soldier: 76 (A-Tier Damage)

While we settled on an A-tier rating for Solider: 76, he's on the edge of the A and B tiers.

In professional Overwatch 2 and at the absolute highest ranks of matchmaking, Sojourn and Cassidy are often preferred picks. However, as you drop slightly lower in the ranks, Solider seems more popular and effective in filling the mid to long-range Damage niche.

Compared to Sojourn and Cassidy, lower-ranked OW2 players will often find that Solider: 76 is easier to play as. He is also more self-sufficient thanks to the healing of his Biotic Field and his ability to run away with Sprint.

Baptiste (A-Tier Support)

If you look at the top 500 leader boards for Support, you'll see a lot of Baptiste. Not only can he be a fantastic healer capable of burst healing, but he can also deal lots of consistent damage.

Beyond this, his Immortality Field and Regenerative Burst abilities can save himself or others from otherwise certain death.

B-Tier Heroes

Mauga (B-Tier Tank)

Mauga is viable Hero, but we generally prefer Tanks geared towards other styles of play in the current meta.

Junker Queen is better in a similar role than Mauaga. If your team wants to dive, choose one of the many viable dive Tanks. Sigma and Ramattra have barriers to protect your team from longer-range poke damage.

Orisa (B-Tier Tank)

Throughout much of Overwatch 2 Season 9 and the start of Season 10, Orisa was the only Tank we rated as S-tier. However, she's since received nerfs to her Fortify and Javelin Spin abilities, making her far easier to kill. She also can no longer walk down any other Hero and kill them in a 1v1 as easily.

Ramattra (B-Tier Tank)

Ramattra is a really solid Tank hero, but it was already a struggle to choose him over many of the Tanks before the Season 10 updates. With buffs to Wrecking Ball, Doomfist, and Junker Queen, there are just too many better picks to put Ramattra higher than B-tier.

Ashe (B-Tier Damage)

Ashe is a good Damage hero. However, she lacks the consistent damage of other long-range heroes like Sojourn and Soldier: 76. She is also less mobile than Heroes like Tracer, Sombra, Echo, and Soldier.

Ashe is a decent pick, but there are better Heroes that fulfill the same role.

Bastion (B-Tier Damage)

While Bastion deals absolutely massive damage, his lack of mobility and massive hitbox can make him an easy kill at higher ranks. Higher-rank teams can simply wait for him to leave his Assault configuration and then focus him. At lower ranks, where teams are less coordinated, he's a much stronger Hero.

While there are usually better team compositions to choose from, Bastion is most effective when combined with a shield and Support with high burst healing.

Genji (B-Tier Damage)

Genji can be a strong pick, especially as a part of a dive team composition. We rated him a B-Tier hero because Tracer and Sombra are usually stronger Damage Hero choices if you want to get up close and personal with the enemy. Genji's ability to climb walls helps make him more viable on maps where defending enemies is likely to play high ground, and Tracer can't quickly get there.

Mei (B-Tier Damage)

Mei's Ice Wall, which can be used to block off enemies from the rest of their teammates, can make Mei a good situational on tight maps with chokes. However, Mei was better when she could completely freeze enemies with her primary fire.

Pharah (B-Tier Damage)

In professional and high-ranked Overwatch 2, Pharah has been mostly a niche pick. While her ability to fly makes her very difficult to kill at lower ranks, it can also make her a very vulnerable target against the best hitscan players.

One huge positive for Pharah is the high pick rates of the newest released Damage Hero Venture in Competitive matchmaking. Venture usually can't get close enough to Pharah when she's flying to be a true threat. The knockback effect of Pharah's Concussive Blast is also helpful in distancing Venture from yourself and your teammates.

Torbjörn (B-Tier Damage)

Torbjörn's Turret can actually counter some of the strongest dive Damage Heroes, like Tracer (and, to a lesser extent, Sombra). A well-positioned Turret can deal enough damage to make Tracer's life very difficult trying to be effective against your team's backline.

The downside to Torb is that higher-ranked players are usually pretty good at taking out the Turret quickly. Without his Turret up, this character loses a lot of his value.

Widowmaker (B-Tier Damage)

Assuming you have the aim skills to play Widowmaker, she's outstanding (A or even S-tier) on maps with long open areas like Junker Town. However, on maps without this characteristic, she falls to C-tier. For her overall tier rank, we've chosen the middle ground.

Venture (B-Tier Damage)

Venture's abilities can be combined to quickly delete enemies. Still, we've relegated them to a B-tier hero because they must be close to enemies to deal damage, work better with specific team compositions, and are best on certain maps.

Venture must be close to enemies to damage them with SMART Excavator (primary-fire) or abilities. Venture's primary method of getting close to enemies is the Burrow ability, but mobile heroes can use their own abilities to get away from the Burrowing venture while they're underground. Flying heroes, like Echo and Pharah, are particularly tough for Venture to get close enough to be effective. When they're near peak height, Venture will have to use at least one ability to even get close enough to them to deal damage.

Venture is best on brawly teams playing on tighter maps with strong chokepoints. In scenarios like this, Venture can be incredibly strong. However, on more open maps, Venture can struggle to be effective. They have no poke damage at longer distances, meaning they can't do anything useful when not in close combat. Mobile heroes will also find it easier to escape the effective range of Venture when Venture Burrows towards them on open maps.

Illari (B-Tier Support)

Illari is suitable if your team stays in one area and can be healed by her Healing Pylon and short-range Solar Rifle healing, but this is rarely how Overwatch is played in the current meta. The reality is that your team will usually play highly mobile Heroes whom Illari will struggle to heal.

It's unfortunate that Illari's base abilities aren't better with the current meta Heroes because she's fun to play, and her ultimate ability, Captive Sun, allows you to rack up eliminations.

C-Tier Heroes

Roadhog (C-Tier Tank)

Roadhog is a C-tier Tank at best but could easily be categorized lower. Even if you're putting up significant Elimination and Damage stats with him, he's essentially an Ultimate farm for the enemy team. You might be staying alive by healing yourself, but how much Ult charge is the enemy building?

Despite his self-healing ability, Take a Breather, he still often demands a ton of focus from allied Supports. While Supports can have to do a lot to keep him alive, Roadhog has no abilities to help heal or block damage to his allies.

Zarya (C-Tier Tank)

In the current meta, Zarya is worse than most tanks except for Reinhardt and probably Roadhog. Unlike Roadhog, she can at least aid allies with her Projected Barrier... And she's not complete garbage like Rein.

The problem for Zarya is that other tanks are more mobile, have more consistent damage, or do more to help their team.

Hanzo (C-Tier Damage)

Hanzo is significantly less viable now that he can't one-shot most Damage heroes and can't one-shot any Supports. With the massive healing in the current meta and Hanzo's inherent inconsistency, you'll find that you frequently get an enemy very low with Hanzo, but you and your team don't finish them off.

Junkrat (C-Tier Damage)

Junkrat is a niche pick at best in the current Overwatch 2 meta. He's perhaps viable for spamming certain choke points but has taken a hit now that he can no longer two-shot combo most damage Heroes and all Supports.

However, at the lowest ranks of Overwatch, he can be a lot better as you can deal massive damage to clumped-up enemies. Opponents at lower ranks also won't have the same ability to take him out from longer range.

Reaper (C-Tier Damage)

Reaper can be a very good pick at lower ranks where you can easily get close to enemies and take them out quickly with him. However, professional and high-ranked players are too good to allow Reaper to get close to them consistently. Even if you do get close to enemies as Reaper, most of the meta Heroes have abilities to quickly get away from you, knock you away, or otherwise hurt your effectiveness.

Symmetra (C-Tier Damage)

Symettra is a niche pick who can be used to pull of some interesting team strats thanks to her Teleporter. Her Sentry Turrets can also help lock down areas with strong chokes.

Ana (C-Tier Support)

Ana can make big impact plays by sleeping Ulting enemies and getting crucial Biotic Grenades on allies and/or enemies at the right moments.

Unfortunately for Ana lovers, other Supports have abilities that are more consistently impactful (like Lúcio's Speed Boost and Kiri's Suzu). Other Supports, such as Moira, Kiriko, and Baptiste, can also pump out more consistent heals and damage.

Ana's also taken a big hit now that Kiriko's Suzu cleanses the anti-heal effect of Ana's Biotic Grenade.

Brigitte (C-Tier Support)

With her shield and short-range attacks, Brigitte performs best in brawly team fights. Unfortunately for Brigitte fans, these rarely exist Today with so many mobile Heroes and open maps.

Brig also lacks the healing speed, multi-player burst healing, and get-out-of-jail-free card abilities that other Supports offer.

Lifeweaver (C-Tier Support)

Lifeweaver can do a massive amount of healing and is tough to kill thanks to his Petal Platform.

He's not entirely horrible, but he doesn't offer the damage output or ability to heal/cleanse multiple allies like other Supports. There's probably always a better Support pick than Lifeweaver.

Zenyatta (C-Tier Support)

As my favorite Support character, it pains me to say that Zenyatta is a C-tier hero in the current meta.

He's rated so low for two reasons. First, other Supports are VERY strong because they can easily output so much healing and have arguably superior abilities (like Lúcio's speed and Kiriko's Suzu). Second, Tracer and Sombra are very popular meta picks that hard-counter Zen. And good luck if the enemy runs both of these in a full dive composition.

If the enemy team isn't playing meta heroes and you're a really skilled Zenyatta, you can probably make it work or even dominate with him.

D-Tier Heroes

Reinhardt (D-Tier Tank)

There are many great Tanks in the current Overwatch 2 meta, but Reinhardt is not one of them. In fact, we rank him as the worst Tank in the game and maybe even the worst Hero overall.

When Reinhardt holds his Barrier Field, that's all he does. By comparison, Sigma and Ramattra can place their barriers and then continue to do damage.

Fire Strike, Rein's ability to deal damage from a longer range, is easily avoidable. To do significant useful damage to enemies, you have to be very close to them to use his Rocket Hammer. Unforunately for Reinhardt mains, he's usually very susceptible to damage trying to engage and disengage from the enemy.

Unlike other tanks, Reinhart lacks an ability to regenerate his own health. This forces Support teammates to spend more time focusing on him than other Tanks.

One of my biggest pet peeves in matchmaking is when my team's Tank player chooses Rein on an open map with highly mobile teammates and then spends a huge portion of the game just sheilding himself.

Mercy (D-Tier Support)

It looks like Mercy may soon undergo a rework, which could change our thoughts about her. Until then, we think Mercy is the worst Support pick.

Mercy is essentially a heal-only Support. Meanwhile, other Supports can achieve the same amount of healing as Mercy in a game while also dealing damage.

Resurrect is a very strong ability IF you can get it off without dying, and IF the ally you resurrect doesn't just get eliminated again immediately. Usually, these perfect reses rarely happen, at least at higher ranks.


That wraps up our Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List. We've rated every character in all roles for the current meta. Hopefully your favorite character is in a good spot right now. If not, remember this is a video game and you can play whoever you want. You can even pick randomly with our Overwatch 2 Random Hero Picker.