Real Name: Amélie Lacroix (née Guillard)
Age: 35
Birthday: November 19th
From: FranceFrance
Health: 200

Widowmaker Abilities

Widowmaker Widow's Kiss ability

Widow's Kiss

Automatic assault weapon. Hold for long-ranged sniper weapon.

Widowmaker Grappling Hook ability

Grappling Hook

Launch a hook that pulls you towards a ledge.

Widowmaker Venom Mine ability

Venom Mine

Launch a poison trap.

Widowmaker Infra-Sight ability


Provide your team with a view of the enemy's location.

Widowmaker Difficulty - Hard

Relative to all Overwatch 2 heroes, Widowmaker is Hard to be effective with.

Widowmaker Tier Rating - B-tier

We rate Widowmaker as a B-tier Damage hero in the current Overwatch 2 meta (among possible tiers of S, A, B, C, and D).

Assuming you have the aim skills to play Widowmaker, she's outstanding (A or even S-tier) on maps with long open areas like Junker Town. However, on maps without this characteristic, she falls to C-tier. For her overall tier rank, we've chosen the middle ground.

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Widowmaker FAQ

The following FAQ answers the most common questions about Widowmaker:

What is Widowmaker's Real Name?

Widowmaker's real name is Amélie Lacroix (née Guillard)

How Old is Widowmaker?

Widowmaker is 35 years old.

When was Widowmaker born?

Widowmaker's birthday is on November 19th.

Where is Widowmaker from?

Widowmaker is from France.