Real Name: Hanzo Shimada (島田 半蔵)
Age: 40
Birthday: November 3rd
From: JapanJapan
Health: 250

Hanzo Abilities

Hanzo Storm Bow ability

Storm Bow

Hold to charge then release to launch arrows further.

Hanzo Storm Arrows ability

Storm Arrows

The next 5 arrows ricochet and fire instantly at reduced damage.

Hanzo Sonic Arrow ability

Sonic Arrow

Reveals enemies for a short time upon impact.

Hanzo Lunge ability


Double Jump.

Hanzo Dragonstrike ability


Launch a deadly Dragon Spirit that devastates enemies it passes through.

Hanzo Wall Climb ability

Wall Climb

Jump at walls to climb up them.

Hanzo Difficulty - Hard

Relative to all Overwatch 2 heroes, Hanzo is Hard to be effective with.

Hanzo Tier Rating - C-tier

We rate Hanzo as a C-tier Damage hero in the current Overwatch 2 meta (among possible tiers of S, A, B, C, and D).

Hanzo is significantly less viable now that he can't one-shot most Damage heroes and can't one-shot any Supports. With the massive healing in the current meta and Hanzo's inherent inconsistency, you'll find that you frequently get an enemy very low with Hanzo, but you and your team don't finish them off.

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Hanzo FAQ

The following FAQ answers the most common questions about Hanzo:

What is Hanzo's Real Name?

Hanzo's real name is Hanzo Shimada (島田 半蔵)

How Old is Hanzo?

Hanzo is 40 years old.

When was Hanzo born?

Hanzo's birthday is on November 3rd.

Where is Hanzo from?

Hanzo is from Japan.