Orisa and Venture Nerfed in Latest Overwatch 2 Patch

Updated: May 1, 2024
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Today, Blizzard released the first patch since the initial release of Overwatch 2 Season 10. In this patch, Orisa and the newest Hero, Venture, both received nerfs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the April 30th, 2024 update.

Orisa Nerfs

Orisa received nerfs to both her Fortify and Javelin Spin abilities.

Fortify Nerfs

Orisa’s Fortify duration has been decreased to 3.5 seconds from 4.5 seconds. When using Fortify, she’ll also move 20% slower.

Javelin Spin Nerf

The cooldown time for Orisa’s Javelin Spin has been increased from 9 to 7 seconds.

Our Thoughts on Orisa’s Changes

As we mentioned in our Season 10 Overwatch 2 tier list, there are a lot of great Overwatch Heroes in the Tank role. Of the 12 Tanks, we rated 9 as B-tier or higher. However, Orisa was the only Tank to make the cut as an S-tier pick.

Orisa has been the dominant Tank in Brawl team compositions, and her strength also made her relatively viable with characters more orientated toward poke and dive strategies.

These nerfs to Orisa make her far more killable and less mobile. She’s definitely dropped from the S-tier and is now likely a B-tier Tank at best. We’d expect to see more Junker Queen and Mauga in brawl situations. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see more dive and poke team compositions following Orisa’s nerfs.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Orisa is that she can use her abilities to walk in a straight line and kill nearly any other Hero in a 1v1. These nerfs should make that a bit more difficult and occur less frequently.

Venture Nerfs

Venture received nerfs to three of their abilities, including her Ultimate Ability Tectonic Shock.

SMART Excavator Nerf

The maximum explosion damage for SMART Excavator has been decreased from 45 to 40.

Drill Dash Nerf

The initial impact damage of Drill Dash has been decreased from 40 to 30.

Tectonic Shock Nerf

It now costs 10% more to charge Venture’s Ultimate Tectonic Shock.

Our Thoughts on Venture’s Nerfs

Despite us only rating Venture as a B-tier situational pick in our Overwatch 2 Hero tier list, we’re not surprised to see them already receive nerfs. In a game with so much healing, Overwatch players find it incredibly frustrating when one Hero can burst them down quickly. Though Venture didn’t possess the true one-shot ability of Heroes like current Widowmaker or Hanzo before his nerf, you can combo Venture’s abilities to quickly eliminate enemies.

These changes to Venture should make quick deaths to them rarer. We still see Venture as a situational pick that is best on tighter maps with a brawl-style team composition.

Other Patch Notes

Aside from the changes to Orisa and Venture, this latest patch has little else to note. The rest of the changes are small bug fixes, which you can read about here.